Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Fawn

And He said, "let there be light", and light there now was. And He said "let there be water", and oceans and rivers and brooks and streams and ponds and waterfalls and rain and the morning dew, there now was.

And much happened after that voice commanded creation. And storms and fires swept throughout the globe and man hunched to what he did not yet understand. And one day, a boy saw a fawn standing by a lake and he walked towards her and he asked "what are you looking at, my growing friend?"

And she said, "I see water ripple and I see me. I see schools of tiny silver fish, and I see me. I see river pebbles sitting on sand, and I see that that sand is me, and not just one pebble but all pebbles, they too are me. And now I see you. Your hair lockets are long, and your chest is large, and your step is worth noticing. And I see that you are scared and I want you to know that when I see you, I see me. And I am not scared. And those pebbles are not scared. Nor are the schools of fish, nor the waters that ripple. And the sand, the sand is not scared either. And you are we, and we are you. Drink from the water and smile at the fish and skip pebbles as far as the eye can see, for they like that, and let me smell your hair and see you walk back to your clan so that you may share how we are all one. And tell them that my energy is their energy. And that my mouth is their mouth. And that my eyes are their eyes. And tell them to be afraid no more. Tell them that that part of them is not true and bring them back so they too may skip stones and drink the water. Tell them we will be here, waiting to play and share other things."

And he walked back and encountered one who hunched even lower than the rest and he told him what the fawn had shared. And the frightened man shook his head and waved his fist and turned towards the trees and said "trees, are you me and I you?"

And the trees answered, "yes, isn't it wonderful?" And the man hunched closer to the floor when he heard the trees speak. And he turned towards the sky and asked again, "sky, are you me and I you?"

And the sky answered, "yes, come fly with me." and the man threw himself onto the floor and covered his ears and shut his eyes when he heard the sky speak. And he kicked the ground and punched his bones. And then he asked, in whisper, "God, am I God too?"

And God answered, "yes. I am you and you are me. Now go to that fawn and drink the water and skip the pebbles as far as the eye can see."

And the man got up and told the boy to go to the fawn and tell her to gather the fish and the ripples and the skies and the trees and to tell God to gather the pebbles and for everyone to wait for he would bring all the clan to hear the news firsthand. And the boy did just as he was asked. And the man stood upright and ran to the clan and said, "God spoke to me! He told me of a better way to live. He said that all you had to do was to listen to me. And you have to build a temple for Him, and a large house for me. And remember to always do as I say, for He only spoke to me." And so the people began building and listening only to the man while the fawn, and the ripples and fish and the boy and God waited for the man to keep his word.

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